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by Bryan Waggoner on Whoopi & Maya
I had 2 broken necks. with the rub pain free

I broke my neck twice and have c-5/c-6 fused with a plate. I sometimes cannot turn my neck to the right or left from sleeping wrong or just over exerting myself. The only option is pain meds... Tylenol, Advil and so on. Well I grab some rub from Whoopi and Maya and within five minutes I was able to freely move my neck. It was AMAZING how quick it worked. I am recommending this to everyone I know! Might even just tell strangers lol. Good job Whoopi at taking my pain in my neck, much love.

by Chloe Mae on Whoopi & Maya
A true savior

I've used the CBD version of the savor. product, mostly for anxiety, though it does help with inflammation. I decided to buy the relax. tincture in hopes of it working for my borderline debilitating cramps and lower back pain (after having zero relief wth OTC pain killers). I personally used three full droppers (that may be too much or too little for some) sublingually and my pain was almost completely gone within minutes. I couldn't believe how effective it was. The combination of ingredients in conjunction with the THC makes for a truly amazing product. My periods make me miserable but the relax. tincture makes all the difference in the world. You don't have to suffer!

by Donna on Whoopi & Maya

I use the rub on my sternum tumor and my neck tumors and it relieves the pain 100%. I have only been using it for 2 weeks. Curious to see if it actually shrinks the tumors.

by Shelby on Whoopi & Maya

I have heard nothing but phenomenal reviews about this product line and being a young women living in Toronto I have yet to find anything- either prescribed or holistic- that helps my horrible and intense cramping. Please, please, please expand this market into Canada. Us Canadian girls NEED your help and products!

by STACIE on Whoopi & Maya

I've had the worse menstrual cycle ever since my 1st period. And people don't understand Marijuana can help so much. But what about the people who live in states, that it isn't legal in yet. Everyone deserves to have these products and use them for good and the better. Plz Lord let people open there eyes.


Even on a day when I am not PMSing I am high-strung, sensitive and emotional. When I am PMSing these qualities are heightened 10 fold! Enter Whoopi and Maya's Relax tincture... I love this stuff! It's fast acting and goes right into the bloodstream. Within 5 minutes I can feel my stress, cramps and rage-filled PMS thoughts start to smooth out. It tames my savage inner beast so that I can rest, reset my mood and be a positive force in the world once again! Thank you for creating these wonderful products!!!

by kitana on Whoopi & Maya

I saw this on buzzfeed and i am amazed of how the women felt (relief) when they try this amazing product to help with menstrual pain. I wish this product is sold in Las Vegas dispensaries.

by katrina bare on Whoopi & Maya

I have MS and my daughter brought me your bath soak for my pain. I work 58 hrs a week and I'm in so much pain i can barely move. I used your soak 3 times a week - I make it a ritual and with in 10 min I'm 100 % pain free!
I just want to tell you and anyone who suffers from pain like me it works. Menstrual pain or other wise its effective for pain.

by Daisy on Whoopi & Maya
A Wonderful Relief

I have insufferable pain during my periods. The first day is filled with immense pain and feeling like my body is dying. It has been this way for years and all doctors could say was maybe I would have less pain if I ate healthier and exercised more often. I followed their advice but the pain would still hit me like a brick leaving me lying on the bathroom floor. I then discovered these products online, there was an article about them and I nearly lost it. To have a product that claimed it would help with all my ailments and eliminate my pain! I thought it is too good to be true. But I bought their rub and it has changed my life. No longer am I missing days upon days of work because of my inability to get out of bed, or suffering through my obligations though the pain could lead to me passing out. I am so thankful for these products and am in love. I was given the chocolate as a gift from my boyfriend and really enjoyed it, the coconut oil adds a tropical taste to it and the texture is really smooth. I am all about consuming and applying natural and organic ingredients so all these products are great for me. A little unexpected tip for the rub is not only does it relieve cramps but is great during colds as well. One night my sick boyfriend woke up with a congested nose so unbearable he couldn't sleep anymore. Out of a whim mentioned maybe he should apply some rub around his cheeks and on his nose. He did and nearly instantly the warmth and the rubbing motion opened up his nasal passage ways and he was able to breathe better. Now he is an avid user of these products as well. Overall I highly recommend buying these products, they are all long lasting and of fantastic quality. Lastly I would like to personally thank both Whoopi and Maya for changing my life!

by Valery on Whoopi & Maya

I've had severe cramps over the years and I literally felt like dying each time! Doctors prescribed everything they could and nothing ever really worked. I recently tried this rub product and wow! Cramps either went down or went away completely !!!! Love love love this product. Can't wait to try the other things.

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