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by Esther on Whoopi & Maya

The scent of the Rub alone with it's warm amber and lightly botannical notes is aromatherapy in and of itself. I find myself wearing it as a personal scent, as well as using it on sore muscles and for my menstrual cramps. I have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell, and I find the scent of Rub to be so comforting without being overwhelming. The ingredient, like cramp bark and white willow are excellent additions as well. I've used salves that were perhaps more potent than this one, but I love the consistency of this product and the smart applicator it comes in. I keep it in my purse. A++ on formulation and ease of use.

by Kandee on Whoopi & Maya

I have finally found the RUB!!! It is amazing!!!!! I'm having a hysterectomy in a couple of weeks. The cramping is unbearable!!! But this rub hits just the right spot!!!!!!

Can't wait to get the other products. I don't know how I made it this far without 'em!!

by Anita Hensley on Whoopi & Maya

I noticed these products a year ago or so. I finally decided to try one. I asked the young man at my dispensary if the "savor" was a food product-he told me it is a rub. After I bought it I laughed so hard when I read it is kinda like a medical Nutella. I followed the directions and put it in a drink- great stuff. I must say as a 52 yr old that is not dealing with menstrual cramps this savor worked for my overall body pain that my doctor has been treating for 15yrs with norcos, morphine and soma. I put 1 tbsp in my coffee and I am pain free for about 4 hours. My Vicodin and soma don't work that long. Thank you!

by Margaret on Whoopi & Maya

I am a 67 year old retired nurse and I have been using the Whoopi & Maya Rub for back pain 4 months. After 43 years of nursing I have chronic pain and have found nothing that gives me this kind of relief. I use it for all my muscular skeletal pain and headache as well. I have even purchased some for my 93 year old mother and she uses it daily as well. Thank for such a wonderful product.

by Kathleen on Whoopi & Maya
Relief from chronic period pain

My period pain is manageable, my mood is stable and I am able to maintain my work schedule using these products. I have had severe period pain since I was a teenager. I don't have endometriosis so there is no treatment for me besides self care. My period is so painful that I miss work almost every month, which is not ideal for a serious entrepreneur or career woman. The Whoopi and Maya products really help to manage my pain and empower me to face real life when I am having my period. I take the relax tincture every day, before work and during work I eat the CBD chocolate. After work I get some light exercise and then I soak in the bath salts. The tincture is the best and I have that in the evening days before and during my period. I have been doing this for about a year. Instead of being worried and anxious about my period I feel good knowing that I can support my body and still support myself financially by getting up and going to work or enjoying my time off without pain. Thank you so much!

by Anonymous on Whoopi & Maya

I am so glad I found their products at a local dispensary in L.A because oh my goodness, the rub seriously does what it's supposed to!
Every month, I get intense cramps along with lower-back pain (it almost felt as if I was going through labor each month) and yes, I know what labor feels ike because I've experienced it. The cramps make me shiver, cry, vomit, toss and turn... you name it. The pain went away completely about half and hour after applying it, and I also felt very relaxed. It also has a pleasant scent! I hope it continues to work 🙂

by Bad back on Whoopi & Maya
Really works

I have such severe back pain and after having major lower back surgery a couple of years ago, I'm still in such pain. I'm trying to get away from taking all of the prescribed pain Medications - they can't be good for me, so I have been using the rub by Whoopi & Maya and, wow, it really has been working for me. It allows me to go to work and have a pain free day without taking norco or other pain meds that make me not 100% in mind.
I totally recommend it for back pain.

by Bryan Waggoner on Whoopi & Maya
I had 2 broken necks. with the rub pain free

I broke my neck twice and have c-5/c-6 fused with a plate. I sometimes cannot turn my neck to the right or left from sleeping wrong or just over exerting myself. The only option is pain meds... Tylenol, Advil and so on. Well I grab some rub from Whoopi and Maya and within five minutes I was able to freely move my neck. It was AMAZING how quick it worked. I am recommending this to everyone I know! Might even just tell strangers lol. Good job Whoopi at taking my pain in my neck, much love.

by Chloe Mae on Whoopi & Maya
A true savior

I've used the CBD version of the savor. product, mostly for anxiety, though it does help with inflammation. I decided to buy the relax. tincture in hopes of it working for my borderline debilitating cramps and lower back pain (after having zero relief wth OTC pain killers). I personally used three full droppers (that may be too much or too little for some) sublingually and my pain was almost completely gone within minutes. I couldn't believe how effective it was. The combination of ingredients in conjunction with the THC makes for a truly amazing product. My periods make me miserable but the relax. tincture makes all the difference in the world. You don't have to suffer!

by Donna on Whoopi & Maya

I use the rub on my sternum tumor and my neck tumors and it relieves the pain 100%. I have only been using it for 2 weeks. Curious to see if it actually shrinks the tumors.

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