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by kitana on Whoopi & Maya

I saw this on buzzfeed and i am amazed of how the women felt (relief) when they try this amazing product to help with menstrual pain. I wish this product is sold in Las Vegas dispensaries.

by katrina bare on Whoopi & Maya

I have MS and my daughter brought me your bath soak for my pain. I work 58 hrs a week and I'm in so much pain i can barely move. I used your soak 3 times a week - I make it a ritual and with in 10 min I'm 100 % pain free!
I just want to tell you and anyone who suffers from pain like me it works. Menstrual pain or other wise its effective for pain.

by Daisy on Whoopi & Maya
A Wonderful Relief

I have insufferable pain during my periods. The first day is filled with immense pain and feeling like my body is dying. It has been this way for years and all doctors could say was maybe I would have less pain if I ate healthier and exercised more often. I followed their advice but the pain would still hit me like a brick leaving me lying on the bathroom floor. I then discovered these products online, there was an article about them and I nearly lost it. To have a product that claimed it would help with all my ailments and eliminate my pain! I thought it is too good to be true. But I bought their rub and it has changed my life. No longer am I missing days upon days of work because of my inability to get out of bed, or suffering through my obligations though the pain could lead to me passing out. I am so thankful for these products and am in love. I was given the chocolate as a gift from my boyfriend and really enjoyed it, the coconut oil adds a tropical taste to it and the texture is really smooth. I am all about consuming and applying natural and organic ingredients so all these products are great for me. A little unexpected tip for the rub is not only does it relieve cramps but is great during colds as well. One night my sick boyfriend woke up with a congested nose so unbearable he couldn't sleep anymore. Out of a whim mentioned maybe he should apply some rub around his cheeks and on his nose. He did and nearly instantly the warmth and the rubbing motion opened up his nasal passage ways and he was able to breathe better. Now he is an avid user of these products as well. Overall I highly recommend buying these products, they are all long lasting and of fantastic quality. Lastly I would like to personally thank both Whoopi and Maya for changing my life!

by Valery on Whoopi & Maya

I've had severe cramps over the years and I literally felt like dying each time! Doctors prescribed everything they could and nothing ever really worked. I recently tried this rub product and wow! Cramps either went down or went away completely !!!! Love love love this product. Can't wait to try the other things.

by Blue on Whoopi & Maya

I absolutely love this line of products!

My period used to be a very sad and painful time, and I was desperate to find relief. I have tried the body rub, chocolate and tincture and love them all!! The rub is amazing when you are home resting. It works so much better than a heating pad! The chocolate and tincture are soothing and allow me to go out into the world and do what I need to do, instead of being bed-ridden.
Thank you for creating these for people with period pains!

by Tyria Lim on Whoopi & Maya
Savory and bath salts a bit x rated

So, I went to my local cannabis club in Sacramento, CA and I seen two products that I had to jump and purchase. The first was the bath salts. I am a 30 year old mother of three and at times I suffer from back pain that is so intense. With the Rub and the bath salts I am able to live pain free and I am really surprised this product works that great. Today has been day two and I haven't taken a single pain pill. I feel so blessed.So now here is the x-rated part...Today is a New Year for all of us and I wanted to surprise my husband so what did I do? Hmm, I used the cacoa savory chocolate and used it on my husband. Not only did I get my full dose of medication, my husband, who has his medical card as well, was very happy. These products rock. Thank you. I can only imagine how this product can help terminally ill patients dealing with severe pain. I also used the chocolate as a dipper for my strawberries. The chocolate can be used in so many ways.

by Ray Snedeker on Whoopi & Maya
Tiny Teaspoon miracle

I have arthritis and bone spurs in my neck. I am in constant pain. I use many wonderful cannabis topicals with success. However at bedtime ointment on the pillow is no fun. Then I found Savor. Every evening now I have just a teaspoon of cbd Savor with hot chocolate by putting it on a real Tea spoon and swirling it in. I now sleep pain free. Thank you so much for this product. By the way if you just had it on individual little spoons wrapped, it would be the best ever! Then it would melt into all the great hot drinks easy peasy.

by Morgan on Whoopi & Maya
I'm in love ♡♡♡

This is by far the best product for menstrual relief! I tried the CBD savor in a hot chocolate and on toast and man, this is good stuff! Period, I'm finally not scared of you.

by Cephianne Smythe on Whoopi & Maya

Wow Whoopi this Rub is amazing both me and my mom loves this.
Thank you so much😍

by Samantha on Whoopi & Maya

So i got a sample today at my favorite dispensary and i am in love!!! I have joint pain and inflammation in my ankles. I work in a pharmacy and stand in one spot all day and immediately it help with the pain and brought my inflammation down. Will definitely be trying all the products.

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