10 Best Cannabis Gifts By Woman-Owned THC and CBD Brands

Best Women Owned Cannabis Products
Evan Nison

It’s no secret that women consume cannabis, especially given the health benefits cannabis has to offer as alternative medicine. In fact, due to gender inequities in clinical research reporting, women consume even more cannabis than the existing scientific data suggests, according to RIV Capital

With the holiday season right around the corner, many feminist-minded cannabis consumers are asking: Which cannabis companies are owned by women? Here’s that info, plus which cannabis products by women-owned companies are our favorites. Read below for our top picks.


Heylo Cannabis

The New Workout Plan Pod by Heylo Cannabis

Heylo Cannabis is an i502 cannabis extracts processor based in Seattle, Wash. As a limited release product, the New Workout Plan Pod features some of the rarest cannabinoids available yet. Most notably, it’s high in delta-10 THC (21%+). This oil is super energizing and uplifting, perfect for getting motivated post-work to complete chores, when preparing to crush your workout, or as an amazing coffee alternative in the morning. Notes of licorice and herbs characterize the vapor of this oil, contributing to the jazzed euphoria of the high.



Zenbarn Farms Cannabis and CBD dispensary

HIERBA by Zenbarn Farms

Zenbarn Farms is a Vermont-based hemp farm and craft full-spectrum CBD brand. They specialize in full-spectrum CBD oil, CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, CBD flower, CBD edibles, CBD accessories, and more. Their recently launched product, HIERBA, is a zero-proof elixir. HIERBA is made in collaboration with Woodnose Drinks. Their family-farm-produced organic maple syrup is first fermented and aged in bourbon barrels and then combined with  Zenbarn Farms’ craft-grown hemp flower, botanical OG Kush terpenes, and Fair Trade, shade-grown artisanal coffee. This non-alcoholic CBD beverage tastes like a mysterious, earthy espresso martini with a pleasant cannabis nose. Shake well and serve chilled, or add to any non-alcoholic cocktail.


Healing Harbors Maine CBD Body butter

CBD/CBG Body Butter by Healing Harbors

Healing Harbors is a full-spectrum CBD brand based in Maine. Their handcrafted CBG and CBD body butter includes shea and cocoa butter: two rich ingredients that complement anti-inflammatory cannabinoids. This unique blend moisturizes the skin all over to prevent aging and infection, as well as to soothe burns and rashes. It’s also packed with essential oils including apricot, cinnamon, and a touch of curry to create a spicy fragrance.



High on Love Cannabis

Dark Chocolate Body Paint by HighOnLove

The HighOnLove team was inspired by distinguished Belgian chocolatiers to create a sensual aphrodisiac combining premium hemp seed oil and dark chocolate. The effects of the Dark Chocolate Body Paint take intimacy to a whole new level, releasing euphoric sensations and pure pleasure. It’s perfect for couples looking to explore more satisfying sensual moments together. 



Hemp Collect Delta 8 Live Resin

Delta 8 Live Resin Softgel Capsules by the Hemp Collect

The Hemp Collect is a woman-founded Oregon-based wholesale company specializing in cannabis-quality CBD products and extracts. Initially, the company started as a bulk-only supplier before selling products directly to consumers. Their new product, Delta 8 Live Resin Softgel Capsules, are great for both day and night use because you can easily adjust dosage.



Om Edibles Epsom Salt

CBD-Infused Arnica Pain Relief Epsom Salts by OM

Looking to soak your cares and chronic pain away? OM’s powerful CBD-infused arnica pain relief epsom salts are compassionately priced and infused with activated hemp-derived CBD, all-natural moisturizing oils and therapeutic-grade essential oils. OM’s female-founded California company believes wholeheartedly that the restorative power of cannabis is imperative to self-care, wellness and enjoyment.



Mhm! Moon + Mood by Xula

Xula is a Latina and Black-owned luxury CBD brand born in Mexico City. All Xula products are grown from organic plants in the United States. Particularly, they offer specialty CBD oil products to help alleviate menstrual cramps and other symptoms of monthly cycles. Check out mhm! Mood + Moon for herbal PMS support and whew! Moon-a-Pause for herbal menopause support.



Medicali Glass

Medicali 10” 8TREE Beaker by Medicali

Medicali is a glass company based and crafted in California that has been in business for over 20 years. The Medicali 10” 8TREE Beaker is 10 inches tall and made with Schott Boro Artistic Glass. Its eight-ree percolator diffuses smoke through water creating a smooth compact hit. The Medicali Beaker showerhead downstem can be removed for easy cleaning and comes ready to use with a 14mm Hourglass Bowl. An extra chill feature is the mouthpiece, which features a triple pinch that cools the smoke when ice is added.



Arder Boranicals

Sol Remineralizing Lotion by Arder Botanicals

Arder Botanicals is a California-based sustainably packaged craft cannabis brand. Their Sól Remineralizing Lotion is the perfect addition to your daily self-care ritual. Sól pairs an uplifting blend of orange, crisp grapefruit, bergamot, spicy ginger, and clary sage. It contains active CBD, CBG, arnica and magnesium to soothe, replenish and revitalize your body and mind. 


Curcumin CBD

Curcumin CBD Softgel by Imaginal

Imaginal is a Florida-based CBD company founded by two life partners. For the Curcumin CBD Softgel formula, the brand combined CBD and curcumin in an easy-to-swallow softgel. This beneficial combination is excellent for promoting brain and heart health, boosting your immune system, and supporting healthy joints. Consider this boost to accompany your daily vitamin and supplement routine.


With the expansion of gender equity within the cannabis industry, there’s no better time to celebrate woman-owned cannabis companies. Whether you’re seeking holiday gift recommendations or a treat for your self-indulgence, we hope this list of products from women-owned cannabis brands excites you with notable recommendations.

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