5 Ways Women Can Include Cannabis at Their Next Big Event

A young woman wearing sweatpants and a henley sits in an armchair and uses her Dip Devices Little Dipper dab pen to consume cannabis concentrate. Get yours at https://dipdevices.com/

According to recent polls, the future of cannabis is female. Weed is a woman’s best friend and can be a faithful companion to all the big events throughout life. From the girl’s trip to her wedding day — check out these five fantastic ways to incorporate cannabis into these pillar life events.


Women and Cannabis: The Girl’s Trip

Whether you and your besties head for a beach vacation or sightseeing in a new city, cannabis products are a must-have. Cannabis is best shared and enjoyed in a community, but it’s essential to tailor the products to the activity. Unless you’re planning a weed-centric vacation with the girlies, it could be risky to incorporate THC into the trip.  

You may have to travel from different locations by plane or car through states where cannabis is not legal, meaning it may be best to stick to CBD or products that are legal in all 50 states. CBD gummies, tinctures, and/or flower could be a great addition to whatever is on the agenda for your trip. Plus, CBD will help you chill during traveling, which can often be stressful and hectic.
If you’re more of a topical gal, consider a spa day where you can get professional massages or facials that use CBD-infused oils or other products. Travel safely and have fun!


Blazing Up for The Bachelorette Party

If getting married is on your list, why not plan a bachelorette party with the magic ingredient? No, we’re not talking about penis-shaped paraphernalia or alcohol. Obviously, we mean the green! 

Roll up some joints or pick up some pre-rolls for this occasion. A bachelorette party is a time for celebrating your single life with your friend group. Having something you can pass around with your friends easily and take on the go is a perfect way to incorporate weed into the event. Leave the glass and dabs at home for this one. 


Weed for Women at the Wedding Reception

It’s your wedding, and you can do what you want to! However, it’s best to have your partner on board with any cannabis-related plans, especially when extended family is in attendance. Your wedding reception is where you can get creative and have fun. Set up a cannabis bar or a weed-tasting station for those guests that are interested in consuming. 

Not everyone’s tolerance level is the same, so why not offer various strains? For example, provide a high CBD strain such as Harley Quinn for those with lower tolerances and a couple of your favorite THC-rich cultivars for regular consumers. Be mindful of everyone, so no one is left out; folks can enjoy themselves and participate if they choose.
Need more discretion? Consider a fashionable, low-key vape to keep the stigma away.


Women, Weed and the Birthday Bash

Birthdays are a time for celebration. Whether it’s your special day or planning a friend’s birthday, why not support women AND cannabis and buy from a women-owned cannabis brand? 

If you’re a regular recreational cannabis consumer and want to incorporate cannabis into your birthday celebration, consider buying weed-themed gift bags stuffed with these goodies for your guests.


A Women’s Guide to Weed for College Graduation Celebrations

College graduation is a huge deal, whether for an undergraduate or graduate degree. Grads deserve to celebrate their hard work and success, and cannabis can be a part of this. Since graduation parties are often family-friendly, cannabis edibles may be the way to go. This consumption method is both discrete and easy to use.


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