They Call it ‘the Bath of a Lifetime’: This Cannabis Bath Soak is Packed With Epsom Salt and Essential Oils

From the folks who bring you Whoopi & Maya

Whoopi & Maya’s Cannabis Bath Soak: Enjoy Deep Relaxation and Natural Relief

Nobody likes being in pain, but most of us aren’t eager to flood our bodies with potentially harmful chemical medications to alleviate our discomfort. Thankfully, adults in many states have a much more pleasant and natural option for relieving their discomfort in these modern days: cannabis-infused bath products.

Whether you’re seeking relief from the aches, pains and cramping associated with your menstrual cycle or you’re in need of some serious relaxation after a long day, Whoopi & Maya’s Soak – a cannabis bath soak like no others on the market – is just the thing to pamper you with the deep natural comfort you deserve.

Soak is formulated with pharmacological-grade Epsom salt, apricot kernel oil, avocado seed oil, sun-grown cannabis, jojoba oil, vitamin e, aloe vera and other essential oils. There are approximately 25mgs of THC in each container, creating a truly effective, luxe combination of elements to inundate your body with maximum relief.

Epsom salt, which contains natural healing compounds, is a longtime staple ingredient for relaxing bath soaks – and for good reason. Research shows it soothes sore muscles, reduces inflammation, acts as a mild exfoliant and can help temporarily relieve bloat. And because Epsom salt has magnesium, bathing in it helps your body absorb this element, which can improve bone health. Research also shows the magnesium in Epsom salt may help lower the stress hormone cortisol.

And Epsom salt is even better when combined with the wellness benefits of cannabis. Although cannabis-infused soaks are relatively new, anecdotes about their therapeutic value abound, and many folks swear by them for their ability to reduce pain and inflammation.

Whoopi & Maya’s Soak is downright enjoyable, and it’s available in three scent options: Fragrance Free, Lavender and Amber Moon – Whoopi & Maya’s warm, woodsy and inviting signature fragrance. Each container is packed full of therapeutic-grade essential oils that leave your skin feeling soothed and nourished.

So go ahead and light a few candles, run a warm bath with Soak, and treat yourself to full-body relief and a deeply relaxing experience tonight.

Whoopi & Maya products are currently on sale in California and Colorado. Learn more about our products’ careful formulations in this interview with our professional herbalist – and learn why our products inspired Vogue to write, “Has self-care ever felt so good?”