Cannabis Raw Cacao: This Powerful, Infused Superfood is the Healthy and Delicious Treat You’ve Been Looking For

Whoopi & Maya Savor Cannabis Raw Cacao
From the folks who bring you Whoopi & Maya

Enjoy Indulgent Relief with Antioxidant-Rich Cannabis Raw Cacao

Cannabis consumers these days are constantly tempted with high-calorie, sugar-filled edibles. And while these cannabis-infused treats generally taste like their snack-bar equivalents and deliver powerful effects, they’re typically chock-full of ingredients that aren’t beneficial for our overall health.

Whoopi & Maya’s unique cannabis-infused organic raw cacao, Savor, is a vegan, gluten-free option with no added sugars that you can dive into without guilt. That’s because raw cacao – the plant species from which cocoa and chocolate is derived – is packed full of healthy antioxidants, enzymes and other nutrients that help promote a wide array of beneficial effects.

Made with cacao butter, agave, cannabis distillate and CBD isolate, this infused edible is one you’ll feel downright good about indulging in.

Raw cacao, which contains more than 300 different chemical compounds, boasts approximately four times the antioxidant power of dark chocolate and more than 20 times that of blueberries. It also contains protein, calcium, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, magnesium, sulfur, flavonoids and essential fatty acids. Studies suggest the combination of compounds found in cacao may help protect against heart disease, stroke and dementia, as well as helping to reduce stress and elevate moods.

Whoopi & Maya’s Savor combines the positive effects of cacao with the added benefits of cannabinoids, providing full-mind and -body relief to medical patients and recreational consumers across California and Colorado. Savor comes in THC and CBD versions. The CBD version is just as delicious as the THC option, and it’s great for those who want serious relief with minimal psychoactive effects.

Some of the products created by Whoopi and Maya are focused on women and their periods, and it’s well known that many women crave cacao and seek pain relief during their time of the month. So in keeping with that, Savor was born. But then rumors got out that women weren’t the only ones enjoying this cannabis raw cacao – men were eating as much of it as women! So we can now say that this cacao is for everyone.

Enjoy this raw cacao straight out of the pouch or use it as a topping on fruit (like bananas or strawberries). You can even add it to milk, milk substitute and other beverages of your choice. The delicious possibilities are endless!