Cannabis Tinctures and Self Care: For Yoga or Happy Hour, Cannabis Tinctures Can Elevate Your Health Regimen

Whoopi & Maya Relax Cannabis Tincture
From the folks who bring you Whoopi & Maya

Incorporating Cannabis Tinctures into Your Self-Care Regimen

Within a restorative yoga practice, the instructor will often ask participants to settle into the pose.

Harnessing a combination of deep breathing and meditative techniques, yogis then soften their muscles, double-check their positioning and let the weight of the world fall away.

An ideal enhancement for achieving a state of bliss in this curative practice can be found by combining a yoga practice with a low-dose cannabis tincture. And Whoopi & Maya’s Relax is favorite among yoga enthusiasts in California – and now in Colorado, where the product line is sold in dispensaries statewide.

The tincture is designed to ease the discomfort that can be associated with a woman’s monthly period. It incorporates the healing properties of herbs like motherwort and red raspberry leaf, known for their ability to ease tension, with another well-known tension tamer – cannabis.

Relax can be dropped onto the tongue directly or added to a drink such as sparkling mineral water for an effervescent burst of the tincture’s dominant flavor profile – the deep, but not overly-sweet taste of elderberry. The small dark berries found on the elderberry bush are known for making cordials and adding a delicate fruity note to balance the resinous taste of juniper in certain types of gin. So combining the tincture with a sparkling or still drink offers a particularly appropriate alcohol substitute to create a cannabis mocktail.

Due to the nature of their delivery method and how the body absorbs them, cannabis tinctures are great for people looking to hone in on an optimal cannabis dose without accidentally overdoing it. Other edibles like the classic infused brownie can take hours to kick into effect. But when tinctures are applied under the tongue, they are quickly absorbed by the body and rapidly begin to take effect.

This makes tinctures a faster and simpler method for incremental dosing, especially when compared to most edibles.

We hear from a lot of people that when combining Relax into your wellness routine or yoga practice, this cannabis tincture can act as a wonderful aid towards heightening your muscle and posture awareness, helping to ease your mind and body into a harmonious state of bliss. Plus, you don’t have to be concerned about experiencing the paranoia or anxiety that can accompany the unpredictable and soaring highs of more-potent edible products.