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9 Perfect Father’s Day Gifts for Your Cannabis Dad

Dad may have been around a while, but cannabis companies are finding new and creative ways for him to toke and enjoy the practice of cannabis consumption. Whether you have a traditional father figure or not, we compiled the best cannabis gift guide for your Dad’s special day. Browse through our Father’s Day guide to find the perfect gift, and let Dad know what he means to you.  

Dip Devices

The Dipper Starter Pack by Dip Devices is great for any proud weed dad. The Starter Pack comes equipped with goodies like a Dip Devices branded lanyard, stickers, dab tools, glass concentrate container, a dip mat, and The Dipper — a portable dab device and electric honey straw, perfect for dabbing on the go. If your Dad is about advocacy, The Dipper makes for the best gift. The Dipper comes in various colors, designated to donate to special causes. Rainbow colored dippers send a portion of the proceeds to LGBTQ+ organizations, blue to marine conservation, and charcoal and chrome colored Dippers donate to drug policy reform initiatives.

Healing Harbors

Get your dad a fully loaded gift. Healing Harbors’ Full Spectrum Daily Defense Oil is jam packed with nature’s fullest potential. Developed with the power of Maine grown hemp, Healing Harbors’ Daily Defense CBD oil, grants your dad access to key cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to get a full fledged experience of all of what hemp CBD has to offer. This CBD oil has low levels of THC, meaning dad will get to experience hemp without worrying about any unwanted side effects, while also still experiencing the entourage effect. 


Dads everywhere have been cooped up, and this summer they’re ready to go. When Dad travels this summer, he’ll want to be equipped with some great herbs and a nifty traveling case. Grab him Ongrok’s Large Smell Proof Case. This generously sized travel carrier comes equipped with a powerful Combo Lock, making it perfect for smell proof herb storage. The travel case is perfect for all types of weather and travel, boasting multiple compartments and easy to take on the go. 

Zenbarn Farms

Every dad deserves a little bit of R&R. Let Zenbarn Farms bring him peace, straight from the Green Mountain State. Get Dad nice and cozy with 1500mg CBD & 500mg CBN Oil created with Zenbarn Farms’ Vermont grown hemp. This full spectrum CBD tincture gives an ode to Dad with the classic hemp strain, Granddaddy Purple. The CBD oil blend brings on a sweet combination of bursting berry and grape flavors from key terpenes allowing Pop to relax naturally and truly enjoy the little things in life — like a good night’s sleep. 

Fat Buddha

Is your Dad ready to rock? You might want to get him Fat Buddha’s funky Electro Beaker Bong. With a psychedelic, iridescent flare, this glass bong will have Dad reminiscing on the good old days. Fat Buddha Glass never fails to impress, and Dad will surely be down for a jam sesh. The 16” Electro Beaker Bong features a 14mm bowl, down stem, and is electroplated with an eye-catching, spiral design. Dad always knew you were cool! 

Lifted Made

If your Dad is all about the high life, scoop some Urb Delta-8 THC Saucy Dmnds this Father’s Day. These Saucy Dmnds are concentrated 1:1 CBD diamonds, suspended amidst pure Delta-8 THC. The cold-temp preserved terpenes and flavonoids can be accessed in decadent flavors such as Tropical Cookies, Pink Cookies and Creme Cookies. Where there’s elegance, there are diamonds. Send Dad some he can sit back and enjoy. 

Crystal Creek Organics

Maybe the Father figure in your life craves the sweeter things. Gift him some Delta-8 gummies from Crystal Creek Organics! These all-natural gummies are filled with 20mg of Delta-8 THC distillate per gummy, making them a sweet treat without added flavors. Plus, they’re perfect for the vegan dads, too! Who said Dads couldn’t enjoy fruit snacks every once in a while? 

Green Roads

If your Pop is all about the gym, consider grabbing him Green Roads’ Pain Relief Muscle and Joint CBD Cream. With 750mg of CBD per bottle and added components like menthol, Dad will feel brand new. Uplift and support Dad’s sore muscles and joints with this pharmacist-formulated CBD cream to help get Dad right back out there to tackle life —  and his athletic goals — head on. 

Daily High Club

Sweeten up Dad’s summer with the Canned Pineapple Dab Rig by Daily High Club. The pineapple dab rig keeps it juicy all day long. Built with an ergonomic design, Dad can stay cool and comfortable as he sits back to soak up the sun and hit the concentrate. This dab rig is premium quality and heavy-duty, and most importantly perfect for dad! 

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate cannabis dads everywhere, and with increasing participation in the cannabis industry, now there’s something for everyone! If you need more Father’s Day gift ideas, check out this handy Dabbin’ Dads gift guide over at NisonCo

Cannabis Topicals: Tapping Into The Healing Touch

Photo credit: Pixabay

Your skin is loaded with CB1 and CB2 receptors – and it’s also the largest organ of the body – making it an obvious, yet often overlooked, opportunity for cannabinoid treatments.

Cannabis topicals have begun to blossom in the health and wellness arenas in recent years. As with most cannabis subjects, we will benefit from added research into the efficacy of cannabis topicals. However, there’s already plenty of anecdotal and early scientific research out there to suggest that cannabinoid-infused topical solutions can play an important role in the daily lives of many people looking for non-pharmaceutical options for pain relief, stress management and more.

Cannabis topicals do not cause a psychoactive effect, aside from those specifically formulated to do so, such as transdermal patches. Most topicals, including products like Whoopi & Maya’s cannabis body balm, Rub, provide immediate, localized relief from pain and inflammation. And because they’re non-psychoactive, topicals can be easily incorporated into most daily routines.

Beyond their non-psychoactive convenience factor, topicals have the added benefit of taking effect very quickly – no need to wait hours to get relief from an edible or capsule. Topicals also tend to be much more predictable than edible cannabinoids. That’s because the effects of ingestible cannabinoids can vary widely depending on fluctuating bioavailability and first-pass liver metabolism. Topical applications, on the other hand, deliver concentrated cannabinoid therapy right where it’s needed most, instead of distributing cannabinoids throughout the entire body.

In addition to their anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities, topical cannabis products are gaining popularity for those seeking alternative treatment for a variety of skin ailments. Evidence suggests cannabis topicals may be effective for treating conditions ranging from shingles to eczema, and even psoriasis.

Cannabinoids also display strong antibacterial and antifungal qualities, which are very useful qualities for assisting the skin in its important role acting as a barrier against environmental challenges like toxins, allergens and UV rays.

Our skin bears enormous responsibility for the healthy operation of many vital bodily functions, including blood vessel constriction and dilation, stabilizing body temperature, synthesizing vitamin D and other hormones, releasing ingested toxins and facilitating sensations such as temperature, touch, pressure and vibration.

With all of those demanding roles, our skin deserves proper care – not simply out of vanity, but as a crucial element of our overall health and well-being. Utilizing the powerful properties of cannabinoids, topical products provide an ideal method for giving your skin the TLC it deserves. Just be sure to use topical products made with the finest ingredients, like those found in Whoopi & Maya’s line of cannabis-infused healing products.

Whoopi & Maya’s cannabis body balm, Rub, contains a thoughtful selection of analgesic and antispasmodic healing herbs, infused with cannabis extract and an organic blend of carrier oils. This wholesome, concentrated and effective salve is a great option for those seeking localized relief for menstrual cramps, sore muscles, painful and arthritic joints, headache pain, burns, bruises, psoriasis, eczema and other dermatological imbalances.

And Whoopi & Maya’s cannabis bath Soak provides a fully-immersive and downright luxurious method for the topical application and absorption of cannabinoids. Soak is made from locally sourced and organically grown ingredients, and it’s packed full with magnesium, micronutrients and other beneficial minerals. With pharmacological-grade Epsom salts, relaxing lavender, skin-nourishing carrier oils, therapeutic-grade essential oils and cannabis extract, a warm bath with Soak is an ideal way to pamper yourself, uplift your mind and relax your body while helping to eliminate toxins and relieve menstrual cramps, muscle cramps, body pain, insomnia and anxiety.

Check out Whoopi & Maya’s full line of healing cannabis-infused products available at retailers across California and Colorado today.

Here’s What We Know About Cannabis for Menstrual Pain

Photo credit: nrkbeta/flickr

Cannabis Has a Long History of Helping Ease Menstrual Discomfort

The remarkable powers of the cannabis flower to treat a variety of maladies have been documented since ancient times, but it’s only with the relatively recent discovery of the endocannabinoid system that we are beginning to understand just how cannabis works for soothing menstrual pain and discomfort.

This age-old botanical, which forms buds only in its female form, has a long history of treating issues associated with female bodies and has proven to be effective in aiding the discomforts associated with women’s monthly cycle around the moon.

Cannabis’ “role in obstetric and gynecological conditions is ancient, but will surprise many by its breadth and prevalence,” explains leading cannabinoid researcher Dr. Ethan Russo.

“Cannabis appears in this role across many cultures, Old World and New, classical and modern, among young and old, in a sort of herbal vanishing act,” Russo writes. “It is only recently that a physiological basis for these claims has been available with the discovery of the endocannabinoid system.”

Historical Context

As early as the 9th century, Persian texts cite the use of cannabis to “calm uterine pains.” And a Chinese text in 1596 based on ancient remedies recommends cannabis for menstrual disorders. However, when it comes to using cannabis to ease menstrual pain, the most well-known origin story has royal lineage. It was widely known that Queen Victoria received monthly doses of cannabis indica for menstrual discomfort throughout her adult life.

Following 30 years of experimentation with the plant, the Queen’s personal physician, Sir J. Russell Reynolds, was convinced of its effectiveness.

Cannabis “is one of the most valuable medicines we possess,” Reynolds wrote in 1890 in the Lancet Journal, one of the world’s oldest and well-respected medical journals.

He described the plant as being “of great service in cases of simple spasmodic dysmenorrhea,” a clinical term describing painful contractions of the uterus, more commonly known as menstrual cramps.

Reynolds went on to write that cannabis benefits many conditions beyond menstrual discomfort, also citing its ability to quell spasms caused by epilepsy disorders.

Scientific Context

The endogenous cannabinoid system, or endocannabinoid system, was discovered in the early 1900s and named after the plant that led to its discovery. Leading cannabinoid researcher Dr. Dustin Sulak describes it as “perhaps the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health.”

Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body, in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. And when cannabis is consumed, chemicals found in the plant that are responsible for its effects in the mind and body, called cannabinoids, bind to these endocannabinoid receptors and help to promote homeostasis.

Although U.S. federal prohibition has greatly hampered scientists’ ability to research the therapeutic effects of cannabis on menstrual pain and other conditions, emerging research does suggest an association between cannabis use and menstrual cycle disruptions. Although much more research is needed to fully understand this association, scientists believe cannabis may be so effective at relieving menstrual pain because of the high concentration of endocannabinoid receptors found in the female reproductive tract, particularly in the uterus and lining of the uterus.

Whoopi & Maya’s line of cannabis-infused products harness the therapeutic powers of the cannabis plant to provide maximum relief for various physical discomforts, especially those related to women’s menstrual cycles.

As Whoopi & Maya customer Kathleen says, “The Whoopi and Maya products really help to manage my pain and empower me to face real life when I am having my period. I take the relax tincture every day, before work and during work I eat the CBD chocolate. After work I get some light exercise and then I soak in the bath salts. The tincture is the best, and I have that in the evening days before and during my period. I have been doing this for about a year. Instead of being worried and anxious about my period, I feel good knowing that I can support my body and still support myself financially by getting up and going to work or enjoying my time off without pain.”

Six Healthy, Simple Snacks to Enjoy With Cannabis Raw Cacao

Photo credit: Matt Chan/Flickr

Incorporate Whoopi & Maya’s cannabis raw cacao into your day with these tasty, nutritious snacks.

Whoopi & Maya’s cannabis raw cacao, Savor, can best be described as the love child of premium raw cacao, creamy ganache and sun-grown cannabis extract.

Savor’s healing ingredients and indulgent flavor pack the perfect trifecta of tastiness, versatility and wellness benefits. Each .5 oz single serving pouch contains 10 mg of THC or CBD, and makes an ideal addition to your morning meal or bedtime snack.

Whoopi & Maya is proud to offer a healthy, healing option for edible enthusiasts that goes above and beyond so many standard, sugar-packed cannabis edibles populating the market today. Savor boasts a rich and creamy flavor, consistent and reliable cannabinoid content and enhanced cannabinoid bioavailability. These delicious, single-serving raw cannabis cacao pouches provide an easy, hassle-free way to integrate a cannabinoid dose into your daily routine.

Here are six easy recipe ideas that pair perfectly with Savor. Get creative and switch the ingredients to match your taste or pantry options.

1. Show Boat


• Peanut butter
• Graham crackers
• Banana
• Savor


• Spread a layer of peanut butter on a graham cracker.
• Add sliced bananas to peanut-butter covered graham crackers.
• Top with Savor.

2. Crunchy Tart with Heart


• Dried cranberries
• Vanilla yogurt
• Granola
• Savor


• Stir dried cranberries, granola and Savor into vanilla yogurt.
• Eat right away, or cover and store mixture in refrigerator to enjoy later.

3. Neapolitan Delight


• Vanilla wafers
• Strawberries
• Sour cream
• Honey
• Savor


• Slice strawberries into thin slices.
• Mix a few spoonfuls of sour cream with a drizzle of honey. Add more honey if you prefer it sweeter. (This is a quick and healthy alternative to whipped cream)
• Spread honey sour cream onto vanilla wafers.
• Top with strawberry slices and Savor.

4. Our Little Secret Cacao Milk


• 8 oz milk or milk substitute (ex: almond or soy milk)
• 1 pouch Savor


• Heat 8 oz milk or milk substitute for 45 seconds in the microwave (heating time may vary).
• Mix in 1 pouch of Savor and enjoy.

5. Savory Fro-Yo Covered Strawberries


• Yogurt (use any flavor you like, original or Greek)
• Strawberries
• Savor


• Cover cookie sheet with waxed paper.
• Dip each strawberry three-fourths of the way into the yogurt, leaving the top and stem uncovered.
• Place dipped strawberries on cookie sheet and freeze for 30 minutes to set first coating.
• After 30 minutes in the freezer, re-dip strawberries in yogurt for thicker covering.
• Top with Savor, then refrigerate uncovered for about two hours before serving.

6. Guilt-Free Savory Chocolate Mousse


• Coconut cream or fresh coconut meat (2 cups)
• Almond milk or coconut water (¼ cup)
• Maple syrup (¼ cup, or more if desired)
• Cacao powder (¼-½ cup)
• Vanilla extract (1 teaspoon)
• Sea salt (1 pinch)
• Ice cubes (handful)
• Savor
• (Optional) Sliced strawberries and chopped raw nuts for toppings


• (Optional) Slice strawberries and chop nuts. Set aside.
• Place coconut cream (or coconut meat), almond milk (or coconut water), maple syrup, cacao powder, vanilla extract and ice cubes into a blender and mix on high until smooth and creamy.
• Spoon into small bowls or dessert cups.
• Top with Savor, sliced strawberries and chopped raw nuts.
• Enjoy right away or cool in refrigerator for a couple hours for thicker consistency.

How Whoopi & Maya Expanded Their Line of Healing Cannabis Products From California to Colorado

Photo credit: Timothy White

Whoopi & Maya Does the Work to Bring High-Quality Compliant Cannabis Products to Both California and Colorado.

One of the trickiest things to pull off for any business is expansion, and that goes double in the complex and ever-changing world of cannabis.

The bottom line: It’s complicated.

Despite the hurdles of expanding to new states, Whoopi & Maya has found that legal cannabis’ labyrinth of legislation, compliance and distribution is well worth navigating. The company’s carefully crafted line of healing cannabis-infused products offers reliable and trusted relief for some of the most common ailments, including menstrual pain, stress, inflammation and more – and Whoopi & Maya knows that many people across the country are seeking such natural cannabis products to ease their suffering.

Their California-based line of medical cannabis products launched in April of 2016, and the popularity of their soothing and healing self-care salves, tinctures and rubs propelled co-founders Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth to view Colorado as the next stop on their pain relief train.

The significantly different regulations and compliance issues between the two states, though, meant rethinking, well, pretty much everything – from formulating and packaging to labeling and marketing.

“You can’t just take the Whoopi & Maya products and put them on a plane and sell them in Colorado,” says Noah Sodano, chief marketing officer for RMZ Colorado, a cannabis manufacturing and distribution service that specializes in compliance, which helped spearhead Whoopi & Maya’s expansion to Colorado. “There’s just no way in the current regulatory situation to move products from state to state – so when you take a brand from one state to another, you are building it from the bottom up to match the regulations and repackage it to be compliant. And in some cases, you have to consider taking an entire formulation and redoing it from scratch.”

“So, we were tasked with the research and development that would retain the high quality of the products while addressing those differences,” Sodano explains. “It takes a lot of intention and effort to make the product experience seamless from one place to another. You need attention to regulatory detail and attention to the patient experience, as well.”

Whoopi & Maya’s Colorado line launched in mid-November of 2017, with all the compliance issues addressed and the products meeting the company’s high expectations.

Some differences between the two states’ product lines are subtle – there’s 25 mg of THC in Colorado’s 8-ounce version of the Soak, compared to the same milligrams in the smaller, 6.5-ounce offering in California – but some changes are more obvious. For example, in Colorado, clear glass containers are forbidden and packaging must be child-resistant. So Sodano’s team had to address that by finding just the right food-grade plastic containers, which also had to feature child-resistant lids.

The packaging turned out to be one of the most substantial changes the team had to make. Colorado has much stricter rules about child-resistant containers and labeling requirements than California currently does.

“The reason so much of the cannabis packaging in Colorado looks like a Dr. Bronner’s bottle, covered in information, is because of the amount of compliance language that is required,” Sodano adds. “We really wanted to keep the clean, elegant approach to packaging that was used in California. And while it was a significant cost, we designed a peel-away label so that consumers can just pull this beautifully designed label off, and all the required compliance language is underneath.”

It’s the behind-the-scenes changes that consumers may not notice, however, that presented even bigger challenges to the R&D process, such as the provenance and sourcing of the highest-quality cannabis to use in infusions.

“The way Maya and her team do the decarboxylation process in California, well, we’re not allowed to do it that way in Colorado,” Sodano explains. “So, we had to work through ways to mimic the process’ results. In the end, it wasn’t as drastic a difference as some other changes we had to make, but it was definitely a trial-and-error kind of deal.”

Some of the packaging for Whoopi & Maya’s Colorado line had to be rethought from the ground up, though. For example, in California, Savor’s cacao-based formulation comes in a sweet, little glass jar. In Colorado, though, regulations require that all edibles be stamped with the universal diamond-shaped “THC” symbol. With its peanut butter consistency, Savor can’t be stamped. So Whoopi & Maya sell it in single serving foil pouches with 10 mg of THC in each – a concession Sodano says required substantial R&D time figuring out how to retain freshness and flavor.

“Sometimes it takes a while to work with our legal and production teams to find the right creative approaches,” Sodano says. “If you walk into a dispensary and see the products on the shelf and are blown away by how nice and elegant they look, and then you try them and are also blown away by the experience, well, then, we’ve done our job.”