9 Perfect Father’s Day Gifts for Your Cannabis Dad

Father's Day
Evan Nison

Dad may have been around a while, but cannabis companies are finding new and creative ways for him to toke and enjoy the practice of cannabis consumption. Whether you have a traditional father figure or not, we compiled the best cannabis gift guide for your Dad’s special day. Browse through our Father’s Day guide to find the perfect gift, and let Dad know what he means to you.  

Dip Devices

The Dipper Starter Pack by Dip Devices is great for any proud weed dad. The Starter Pack comes equipped with goodies like a Dip Devices branded lanyard, stickers, dab tools, glass concentrate container, a dip mat, and The Dipper — a portable dab device and electric honey straw, perfect for dabbing on the go. If your Dad is about advocacy, The Dipper makes for the best gift. The Dipper comes in various colors, designated to donate to special causes. Rainbow colored dippers send a portion of the proceeds to LGBTQ+ organizations, blue to marine conservation, and charcoal and chrome colored Dippers donate to drug policy reform initiatives.

Healing Harbors

Get your dad a fully loaded gift. Healing Harbors’ Full Spectrum Daily Defense Oil is jam packed with nature’s fullest potential. Developed with the power of Maine grown hemp, Healing Harbors’ Daily Defense CBD oil, grants your dad access to key cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to get a full fledged experience of all of what hemp CBD has to offer. This CBD oil has low levels of THC, meaning dad will get to experience hemp without worrying about any unwanted side effects, while also still experiencing the entourage effect. 


Dads everywhere have been cooped up, and this summer they’re ready to go. When Dad travels this summer, he’ll want to be equipped with some great herbs and a nifty traveling case. Grab him Ongrok’s Large Smell Proof Case. This generously sized travel carrier comes equipped with a powerful Combo Lock, making it perfect for smell proof herb storage. The travel case is perfect for all types of weather and travel, boasting multiple compartments and easy to take on the go. 

Zenbarn Farms

Every dad deserves a little bit of R&R. Let Zenbarn Farms bring him peace, straight from the Green Mountain State. Get Dad nice and cozy with 1500mg CBD & 500mg CBN Oil created with Zenbarn Farms’ Vermont grown hemp. This full spectrum CBD tincture gives an ode to Dad with the classic hemp strain, Granddaddy Purple. The CBD oil blend brings on a sweet combination of bursting berry and grape flavors from key terpenes allowing Pop to relax naturally and truly enjoy the little things in life — like a good night’s sleep. 

Fat Buddha

Is your Dad ready to rock? You might want to get him Fat Buddha’s funky Electro Beaker Bong. With a psychedelic, iridescent flare, this glass bong will have Dad reminiscing on the good old days. Fat Buddha Glass never fails to impress, and Dad will surely be down for a jam sesh. The 16” Electro Beaker Bong features a 14mm bowl, down stem, and is electroplated with an eye-catching, spiral design. Dad always knew you were cool! 

Lifted Made

If your Dad is all about the high life, scoop some Urb Delta-8 THC Saucy Dmnds this Father’s Day. These Saucy Dmnds are concentrated 1:1 CBD diamonds, suspended amidst pure Delta-8 THC. The cold-temp preserved terpenes and flavonoids can be accessed in decadent flavors such as Tropical Cookies, Pink Cookies and Creme Cookies. Where there’s elegance, there are diamonds. Send Dad some he can sit back and enjoy. 

Crystal Creek Organics

Maybe the Father figure in your life craves the sweeter things. Gift him some Delta-8 gummies from Crystal Creek Organics! These all-natural gummies are filled with 20mg of Delta-8 THC distillate per gummy, making them a sweet treat without added flavors. Plus, they’re perfect for the vegan dads, too! Who said Dads couldn’t enjoy fruit snacks every once in a while? 

Green Roads

If your Pop is all about the gym, consider grabbing him Green Roads’ Pain Relief Muscle and Joint CBD Cream. With 750mg of CBD per bottle and added components like menthol, Dad will feel brand new. Uplift and support Dad’s sore muscles and joints with this pharmacist-formulated CBD cream to help get Dad right back out there to tackle life —  and his athletic goals — head on. 

Daily High Club

Sweeten up Dad’s summer with the Canned Pineapple Dab Rig by Daily High Club. The pineapple dab rig keeps it juicy all day long. Built with an ergonomic design, Dad can stay cool and comfortable as he sits back to soak up the sun and hit the concentrate. This dab rig is premium quality and heavy-duty, and most importantly perfect for dad! 

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate cannabis dads everywhere, and with increasing participation in the cannabis industry, now there’s something for everyone! If you need more Father’s Day gift ideas, check out this handy Dabbin’ Dads gift guide over at NisonCo