Female Stoners: Celebrating Women Who Enjoy Cannabis

Maya Angelou is depicted in black and white; a cannabis joint floats to her left, she holds cannabis flower in her hands and a halo of smoke surrounds her head


The cannabis industry and community exist because of females: only female cannabis plants produce THC- and CBD-rich flower. That connection isn’t lost on the women who proudly consume cannabis and advocate tirelessly for its acceptance. Today, Whoopi & Maya celebrates six well-known women who aren’t shy about their love for cannabis. 


Women and Weed: a Brief “Her”story

Women have been using cannabis for centuries; one of the earliest recorded uses of cannabis was to help ease the pain of childbirth in ancient China. Since then, countless other cultures have recorded medical uses for cannabis, often in women’s health. 

Medical, therapeutic, and religious uses of cannabis throughout history have been more widely recorded than recreational use. Still, there’s no reason to believe women haven’t been consuming cannabis recreationally for just as long as men have. 


The Future of Cannabis is Female

Generally, men use cannabis at a higher rate than women. However, that divide is quickly closing. More women are consuming cannabis and being honest about their love of the plant than ever before. 

There are a few differences in how men and women consume cannabis, though. Women are less likely to smoke and more likely to consume other forms of cannabis, such as edibles. Women are also more likely to choose cannabis for health and wellness reasons. However, in general, the self-reported rates of cannabis use between men and women are becoming more similar


6 Famous Women who are Fans of Cannabis

Most famous pot-smoking celebrities are men; names like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson are the first to come to mind. However, plenty of famous women are outspoken about their love of cannabis. We want to shout out a few women who are making a difference in how cannabis and women who consume cannabis are perceived. 


1. Maya Angelou: Writing About Cannabis in Her Memoirs

The critically-acclaimed and publically-adored novelist, poet, and memoir writer — not to mention dancer, streetcar driver, and all-around talented woman has written powerfully about the positive impact that cannabis has had on her life. In her second memoir, she writes about how mindful cannabis consumption helped to shift her perspective on the world and even credits it with helping her heal her childhood trauma. 

I learned new postures and developed new dreams. From a natural stiffness I melted into a grinning tolerance. Walking on the streets became high adventure, eating my mother’s huge dinners an opulent entertainment, and playing with my son was side-cracking hilarity. For the first time, life amused me.” — Maya Angelou, “Gather Together in My Name,” 1974


2. Margaret Mead: Testifying Before Congress About Cannabis

This influential American sociologist was well-known and well-respected, even in popular circles, throughout her career. Her work spanned many different areas and helped bring niche concepts to the forefront of American public policy and awareness. She also passionately endorsed the legalization of cannabis while testifying before Congress in 1969— a relatively unpopular opinion at the time. She would go on to clarify her viewpoints and add that she had tried it herself in the wake of her testimony’s widespread criticism. 

“It is my considered opinion at present that marihuana is not harmful unless it is taken in enormous and excessive amounts. I believe that we are damaging this country, damaging our law, our whole law enforcement situation, damaging the trust between the older people and younger people by its prohibition.” Margaret Meade, Testimony Before Congress, 1969


3. Rihanna: Unapologetically Lighting Up

Many famous women in pop culture also advocate for cannabis, and we couldn’t compile this list without mentioning Rihanna. The singer and businesswoman has a long history of leading by example when it comes to women proudly consuming cannabis. From sparking memes by rolling a blunt on her bodyguard’s head in the early 2010s to lighting up before award shows while dripping in designer clothes and expensive jewelry in recent years, Rihanna is a trailblazer for women owning their cannabis consumption. 


4 & 5. Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson: Blazing a Path for Female Stoner Comedies

Co-creators and stars of the Comedy Central sitcom “Broad City,” Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson have both been outspoken about cannabis’s role in their personal lives. Like Rihanna’s nonchalant cannabis consumption, “Broad City” and the women who created it helped to normalize women consuming cannabis in the same silly, lighthearted way that classic stoner duos like Cheech & Chong, Harold & Kumar, and Bill & Ted have been doing for decades. Abbi & Ilana have joined that canon, and we look forward to seeing what other female-led stoner comedies follow in their wake. 


6. Melissa Ethridge: Advocating for Cannabis as Medicine

American singer and songwriter Melissa Ethridge has been outspoken about her cannabis consumption, extolling its health and wellness benefits — a cause we are also deeply passionate about. She credits cannabis as helping her recover from breast cancer and make positive changes in her life and has since become an outspoken advocate for its legalization. Her 2019 album “The Medicine Show” touches on these issues, with lyrics exploring the opioid cruises, the political landscape of America, and how cannabis has enriched her life. 


Cannabis and CBD For Women, by Women

Whoopi & Maya was founded to help women ease menstrual discomfort through the use of cannabis, and we are honored to be able to make a difference in the lives of people of all genders. 

Whether you are a woman who chooses to be open about your cannabis consumption, advocate for legalization, or purchases products from women-owned cannabis companies, you are making a difference in helping women become more represented in the cannabis industry and cannabis community.