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Grass Ceiling – 3 Methods to Overcome Gender Inequality in Cannabis Business

The cannabis industry has experienced explosive growth in recent years, with legalization sweeping across various parts of the country. While this newfound acceptance of cannabis has opened up numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs, it has also revealed a significant challenge: gender inequality within the industry. It will be no surprise to many that BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, women of color) are those most impacted by gender inequality in the industry. 

The phenomenon, often called the “grass ceiling,” is something women in cannabis actively work to shatter. Since gender inequality is a complex issue affecting industries and individuals at multiple levels, the solution must also be complex and many-pronged for meaningful change.


1. Foster Women-Owned Cannabis Businesses

One of the most effective ways to break the grass ceiling in the cannabis industry is by actively supporting and encouraging women to start and operate cannabis businesses. It’s no secret that entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for achieving gender equality in business. 

There are a couple of ways to do this: the more logistical side, which involves capital and resources, and the social/networking side, which involves making connections in the industry and getting in the right rooms.  


Facilitate BIWOC Access to Cannabis Capital 

By providing resources and access to capital specifically tailored to women in cannabis, we can help level the playing field. 

Women-owned cannabis businesses often face barriers when seeking capital to start or expand. Creating investment opportunities prioritizing female entrepreneurs, particularly BIWOC entrepreneurs, can make a significant difference. Financial institutions, venture capitalists, and angel investors should actively seek out women-led startups and provide them with the resources needed to thrive.


Host and Attend Networking Events for Women in Cannabis

Hosting networking cannabis events for women can foster connections and collaborations. These events can facilitate knowledge sharing, partnership building, and opportunities that may have been otherwise inaccessible.

As an individual, attend as many of these events as possible to forge connections with other women in the industry. Networking with individuals facing many of the same challenges in the industry as you will help you obtain potential allies and collaborators for partnerships and other projects. 


Help Women Receive Recognition and Awards

Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women in the cannabis industry is crucial. Awards and accolades specifically for women can inspire others to pursue leadership roles, start their businesses, and contribute to the industry’s overall success. 


2. Promote Women in Corporate Leadership Roles

Another essential step in overcoming gender inequality in the cannabis industry is encouraging and enabling women to take leadership roles. Diverse leadership teams bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table.

Cannabis companies should actively seek to diversify their boardrooms by appointing more women to leadership positions. Diversification ensures decision-making involves a broader range of experiences and viewpoints.

Offering leadership and executive training programs tailored to women in cannabis can help prepare them for leadership roles and close the industry’s c-suite gender gap. These programs should focus on developing essential skills like negotiation, strategic planning, and team management. 

If you have made it to a leadership role as a woman in cannabis, perhaps consider fostering other women in the industry, grooming them for leadership roles to pay it forward and uplift other women.


3. Consider the Role DEI Plays in Cannabis Industry Inclusivity

Creating a more inclusive cannabis industry requires ongoing advocacy and commitment to equal opportunities for all. 

Cannabis companies should establish and enforce diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies that promote equal opportunities for women, BIPOC, and other underrepresented groups. DEI policies should be embedded in the company culture and upheld at all levels. 

Raising awareness about gender inequality in the cannabis industry is also essential. Educational initiatives, workshops, and seminars can help combat biases and stereotypes while promoting a culture of respect and equality.


Multilateral Cannabis Collaboration Initiatives Can Propel Women Forward

Collaboration between cannabis industry stakeholders, government agencies, and advocacy groups can drive meaningful change. Together, these entities can develop policies, incentives, and initiatives that actively support women in cannabis. 


Promote Women’s Empowerment and Leadership in the Cannabis Industry

The grass ceiling in the cannabis industry is a formidable challenge, but it is not insurmountable. By fostering women-owned cannabis businesses, promoting women empowerment in leadership roles, and advocating for inclusivity and equal opportunities, we can make significant strides toward creating a more equitable and diverse industry. 

Ultimately, a thriving cannabis industry benefits from the talent, innovation, and perspectives of all its participants, regardless of gender. Breaking the grass ceiling is a moral imperative and a smart business move that will drive growth and success for years to come.

Can CBD or Cannabis Naturally Provide Women’s Digestive Gut Health Relief?

In recent years, the significance of digestive health, particularly for women, has gained substantial recognition. Women are more likely to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases and mood and anxiety disorders for various reasons. Emerging research is also exploring the connection between the central nervous system (CNS) and the gut. Such research inspired scientists to explore cannabis and its ability to impact the endocannabinoid system, as it is present in both the brain and the gut as a potential solution. 

One study that explored the gendered differences in cannabis use found that women were more likely to use cannabis medicinally to relieve symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anxiety, lack of appetite, and nausea. 


Understanding Gut Health and Digestive Problems in Women

Women often experience digestive issues like bloating, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Societal factors, stress, and hormonal changes throughout a woman’s life, including menstruation and menopause, can significantly affect gut health. Research suggests that the gut-brain connection plays a crucial role in these dynamics.

The Science Behind Cannabis As a Potential Treatment For Gut Problems

Cannabinoids (e.g., THC, CBD, etc.) have shown promise in managing specific digestive problems. For instance, CBD has been studied for its ability to reduce inflammation, which may help ease symptoms associated with IBS.

For people experiencing menstrual-related digestive discomfort, THC may help reduce pain and nausea. Taking advantage of the entourage effect can also be helpful to reap the benefits of the full spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes present in the cannabis plant for heightened therapeutic effects. 


Weed for Women With Digestive Problems

Various cannabis products are emerging as potential allies in promoting gut well-being. CBD oils and tinctures offer a discreet and customizable way to incorporate cannabinoids into one’s routine, either through taking tinctures sublingually or adding infused oils to food or beverages. Sublingual administration, in particular, can offer fast symptom relief for those wary of smoking.

Cannabis edibles infused with THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are another great alternative to smoking or vaping and can provide longer-lasting symptom relief. However, for those experiencing extreme nausea, it may not be the preferred method since it can take longer to feel the effects and potentially further irritate the stomach.

Transdermal cannabis patches offer long-lasting relief and can be a great option for people who don’t respond well to oral cannabis products. Other topicals like balms and creams may be the best method to get significant, targeted symptom relief. The consumption or administration method that works best for an individual will vary from person to person based on numerous factors, including tolerance, body weight, and the strength, cannabinoid content and terpene profile of a product.


Cannabis and Women’s Health Precautions and Regulatory Considerations

Women considering using cannabis for gut health should prioritize staying informed about possible interactions and proper dosage. Always follow recommended dosage guidelines and consult healthcare professionals, especially if taking medications. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should exercise caution and seek medical advice before using CBD or cannabis products. 

It’s also essential to understand the legal status of cannabis in your region before using any products. Always buy your cannabis products from licensed dispensaries and companies that prioritize transparency regarding ingredients and third-party testing.

Pairing cannabis consumption with other complementary lifestyle changes can amplify the benefits for gut health. Engaging in stress-reducing activities like yoga and meditation and eating a gut-friendly diet rich in fiber, probiotics, and prebiotics can create an environment that supports a healthy digestive system. 

Cannabis or CBD for Women’s Gut Health

As the scientific community delves deeper into the interactions between cannabinoids and our bodies, we uncover new natural ways to support gut health. The versatility of cannabis presents many consumption and product options that empower women to personalize their approach to their health and well-being. Combining informed choices with lifestyle adjustments, women can embark on a path toward digestive equilibrium, finding relief and renewed vitality on their journey to overall wellness.

Women and Cannabis – Breaking Stereotypes and Dispelling Myths


Female stoners have long been subject to various stereotypes, some of which have changed over time and others persisting despite changing societal attitudes toward cannabis. Though all women smoking cannabis face stigma, the consequences of these stereotypes are disproportionately distributed. 


BIWOC Most Impacted by Cannabis Stereotypes

Black people, indigenous people and people of color (BIPOC) have borne the brunt of the War on Drugs and the negative consequences of consuming cannabis as non-white women. From having children removed from their custody to employment discrimination, the consequences of being a BIPOC woman (BIWOC) cannabis consumer are disproportionately harsh. Yet, BIWOC are consistently kept out of the legal industry, primarily dominated by white, wealthy men. Therefore, we must identify and dispel these harmful myths.


Myth 1 — Girls Who Smoke Weed Are Aimless, Lazy, or Troublemakers

This stereotype can be applied to people of all genders and has persisted throughout the decades. Girls who smoke cannabis are often branded as unintelligent, aimless, or not going anywhere in life. Marijuana use is not associated with doing well in school in the public imagination. Therefore, women or girls who use cannabis are seen as “bad” girls. 

Despite these stereotypes, no concrete evidence exists that women who consume cannabis are less likely to be successful or driven in education or their fields of expertise. Socio-economic status, experience with trauma, and mental health disorders have a more significant impact on success. 


Myth 2 — Women Smoking Weed are Bad or Irresponsible Parents

Women who smoke weed, even legally, risk social and legal repercussions. The stereotype is that mothers that consume cannabis are “bad” or irresponsible parents. Despite the relative normalization of alcohol use among parents, legal cannabis can still result in women having their children taken away. As stated, this consequence is not distributed evenly among women of all racial groups and socio-economic statuses. 

One example of this dangerous myth and the tragic, real-life outcomes it can have for women and their families occurred in New York in August 2021 when a New York mother had her child removed from her custody when she tested positive for cannabis. While this harmful myth paints mothers who smoke weed as irresponsible and neglectful of their children, a growing trend of proud “Canna Moms” argue that their cannabis use allows them to be more present, compassionate parents. 


Myth 3 — Female Stoners are More Promiscuous

In the 1920s, cannabis use was heavily associated with jazz musicians. Women using cannabis at this time were viewed as “loose” or promiscuous. This narrative was part of the racist propaganda pushed on the general public, claiming that smoking marijuana made white women sleep with Black jazz musicians. 

Substantial research supports cannabis’ ability to increase pleasure during sexual relations of people of all genders by inducing a heightened sense of relaxation. However, no evidence supports the myth that women who smoke weed are more promiscuous. This rhetoric is undoubtedly tied up in the desire to control women’s sexuality.


Ditch Myths About Women’s Cannabis Consumption and Promote Connection, Instead

As we continue to combat these harmful stereotypes by talking about and dispelling the common myths and misconceptions around women’s cannabis use, it’s essential to acknowledge the disproportionate consequences BIWOC face when they use cannabis. Talking about these myths with people who use cannabis and keeping the dialogue going will uplift all of us and continue to remove the stigma around cannabis, a plant with tremendous potential to heal and connect people.

Female Stoners: Celebrating Women Who Enjoy Cannabis


The cannabis industry and community exist because of females: only female cannabis plants produce THC- and CBD-rich flower. That connection isn’t lost on the women who proudly consume cannabis and advocate tirelessly for its acceptance. Today, Whoopi & Maya celebrates six well-known women who aren’t shy about their love for cannabis. 


Women and Weed: a Brief “Her”story

Women have been using cannabis for centuries; one of the earliest recorded uses of cannabis was to help ease the pain of childbirth in ancient China. Since then, countless other cultures have recorded medical uses for cannabis, often in women’s health. 

Medical, therapeutic, and religious uses of cannabis throughout history have been more widely recorded than recreational use. Still, there’s no reason to believe women haven’t been consuming cannabis recreationally for just as long as men have. 


The Future of Cannabis is Female

Generally, men use cannabis at a higher rate than women. However, that divide is quickly closing. More women are consuming cannabis and being honest about their love of the plant than ever before. 

There are a few differences in how men and women consume cannabis, though. Women are less likely to smoke and more likely to consume other forms of cannabis, such as edibles. Women are also more likely to choose cannabis for health and wellness reasons. However, in general, the self-reported rates of cannabis use between men and women are becoming more similar


6 Famous Women who are Fans of Cannabis

Most famous pot-smoking celebrities are men; names like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson are the first to come to mind. However, plenty of famous women are outspoken about their love of cannabis. We want to shout out a few women who are making a difference in how cannabis and women who consume cannabis are perceived. 


1. Maya Angelou: Writing About Cannabis in Her Memoirs

The critically-acclaimed and publically-adored novelist, poet, and memoir writer — not to mention dancer, streetcar driver, and all-around talented woman has written powerfully about the positive impact that cannabis has had on her life. In her second memoir, she writes about how mindful cannabis consumption helped to shift her perspective on the world and even credits it with helping her heal her childhood trauma. 

I learned new postures and developed new dreams. From a natural stiffness I melted into a grinning tolerance. Walking on the streets became high adventure, eating my mother’s huge dinners an opulent entertainment, and playing with my son was side-cracking hilarity. For the first time, life amused me.” — Maya Angelou, “Gather Together in My Name,” 1974


2. Margaret Mead: Testifying Before Congress About Cannabis

This influential American sociologist was well-known and well-respected, even in popular circles, throughout her career. Her work spanned many different areas and helped bring niche concepts to the forefront of American public policy and awareness. She also passionately endorsed the legalization of cannabis while testifying before Congress in 1969— a relatively unpopular opinion at the time. She would go on to clarify her viewpoints and add that she had tried it herself in the wake of her testimony’s widespread criticism. 

“It is my considered opinion at present that marihuana is not harmful unless it is taken in enormous and excessive amounts. I believe that we are damaging this country, damaging our law, our whole law enforcement situation, damaging the trust between the older people and younger people by its prohibition.” Margaret Meade, Testimony Before Congress, 1969


3. Rihanna: Unapologetically Lighting Up

Many famous women in pop culture also advocate for cannabis, and we couldn’t compile this list without mentioning Rihanna. The singer and businesswoman has a long history of leading by example when it comes to women proudly consuming cannabis. From sparking memes by rolling a blunt on her bodyguard’s head in the early 2010s to lighting up before award shows while dripping in designer clothes and expensive jewelry in recent years, Rihanna is a trailblazer for women owning their cannabis consumption. 


4 & 5. Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson: Blazing a Path for Female Stoner Comedies

Co-creators and stars of the Comedy Central sitcom “Broad City,” Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson have both been outspoken about cannabis’s role in their personal lives. Like Rihanna’s nonchalant cannabis consumption, “Broad City” and the women who created it helped to normalize women consuming cannabis in the same silly, lighthearted way that classic stoner duos like Cheech & Chong, Harold & Kumar, and Bill & Ted have been doing for decades. Abbi & Ilana have joined that canon, and we look forward to seeing what other female-led stoner comedies follow in their wake. 


6. Melissa Ethridge: Advocating for Cannabis as Medicine

American singer and songwriter Melissa Ethridge has been outspoken about her cannabis consumption, extolling its health and wellness benefits — a cause we are also deeply passionate about. She credits cannabis as helping her recover from breast cancer and make positive changes in her life and has since become an outspoken advocate for its legalization. Her 2019 album “The Medicine Show” touches on these issues, with lyrics exploring the opioid cruises, the political landscape of America, and how cannabis has enriched her life. 


Cannabis and CBD For Women, by Women

Whoopi & Maya was founded to help women ease menstrual discomfort through the use of cannabis, and we are honored to be able to make a difference in the lives of people of all genders. 

Whether you are a woman who chooses to be open about your cannabis consumption, advocate for legalization, or purchases products from women-owned cannabis companies, you are making a difference in helping women become more represented in the cannabis industry and cannabis community. 

10 Ways to Incorporate Weed into Your Wedding

Including cannabis at a wedding used to be unthinkable. However, as more states legalize the plant and more individuals profess their love for cannabis, it’s becoming more common

Whoopi & Maya was founded to help people who menstruate have more comfortable periods, and we have been honored to hear about how our customers have incorporated our products into their daily routines and special events. Today, we’re sharing ten ways to include cannabis at your wedding. 


How to Have Weed in Your Wedding

As long as you’re considerate of your guests, the wedding venue, and local laws, there’s no wrong way to incorporate cannabis into your special day. After all, cannabis is known to boost creativity, and the cannabis industry is all about shaking off norms. 


1. Send Hemp Paper Wedding Invitations. 

Make an excellent first impression and set your guests’ expectations high by sending out save-the-dates and invitations on hemp paper. 

Hemp paper is potentially even more versatile than conventional paper. It can be smooth or textured, natural or colored, and it can be paired with different printing and stationary techniques to match any wedding theme. 

Hemp paper is also more environmentally friendly than traditional paper made from trees. Choosing hemp paper can allow you to reduce the environmental impact of your wedding and celebrate the earth while you celebrate your love. 

2. Decorate Your Wedding with Cannabis

As soon as they enter your venue, guests will be greeted with your chosen decorations. Using cannabis-inspired decor is a great way to tie your love of cannabis into your big day. 

Hemp-inspired wedding decorations can be as subtle or bold as you want. If you want to keep things minimal, you could use a cannabis-inspired color palette, using shades of green and pops of color here and there. Add hemp fan leaves to your floral arrangements around the venue or even display flowers in pretty bongs on each table to make things a little more overt.

3. Wear a Hemp Wedding Dress or Hemp Suit

Hemp doesn’t just have to be for the invitations. Hemp fabric is a comfortable, eco-friendly choice for wedding dresses and suits. 

Hemp can be used on its own or blended with other fibers to create versatile, show-stopping gowns and dresses for all styles, from 100% hemp sundresses for outdoorsy ceremonies or gowns made from a blend of silk and hemp for formal weddings. 

No worries if you’re not wearing a dress to your wedding — hemp is also excellent for suits, jackets, or whatever you choose to wear on your special day. 

4. Feature a Cannabis Bar at Your Wedding

Make cannabis a part of your reception, too, with a cannabis bar that offers flower, concentrates, and infused drinks and snacks. 

Cannabis Bar Services offers mobile budtender services for weddings throughout California. Their trained budtenders will consult with you to create a cannabis menu and guide your guests through personalized, responsible cannabis experiences to ensure everyone has a great time at your wedding. 

5. Host a 420-Friendly Wedding

If you want to host a cannabis-centric wedding, you must provide a place for guests to imbibe and relax. 

If you offer flower, a designated cannabis smoking area will give guests a place to indulge without bothering wedding guests who aren’t interested in partaking. 

Even if you are planning on only offering smokeless cannabis options to your guests, it’s still important to provide a place to relax. Comfy chairs with fun cannabis-themed props or decorations can be added to a smoking area, grouped around a mobile cannabis bar from Cannabis Bar Services, or scattered around the venue.

6. Serve a Cannabis-Infused Wedding Cake

Don’t forget about the cake! The food and drink you serve at your wedding can be another great way to infuse cannabis into the big day. 

If an entire cannabis-infused wedding cake sounds like too much, you can always serve low-dose THC and CBD edibles separately and save the cake for when your guests are hungry. You can keep the theme consistent by adding cannabis-inspired decorations, like hemp-themed designs or botanical elements, like cannabis fan leaves or buds, on your wedding cake. 

Chocolate treats made with Whoopi & Maya’s infused raw cocoa are always crowd-pleasers. If you prefer different flavors or hope to serve cannabis-infused drinks instead of edibles, Whoopi & Maya’s cannabis tincture has a mellow taste. It can be mixed with numerous other food and beverages for a subtly elevated snack. 

7. Include Cannabis in Your Wedding Flowers

Including cannabis in your wedding bouquet, boutonnières, corsages, and any other floral pieces at the ceremony or reception can also be a great way to incorporate weed into your big day.

You can go big and carry a bouquet made entirely of cannabis flower or keep things a little more subtle with a beautifully-designed floral bouquet accented by fan leaves and buds. The same goes for the flowers carried and worn by the wedding party; more floral artists are adding cannabis and hemp to their arrangements, so you can find “flower” arrangements to suit whatever theme you choose. 

8. Dance to Cannabis-Themed Music

A wedding is supposed to be a celebration, so chances are you and your guests will end up on the dancefloor. You can keep the cannabis theme going by including weed-themed tunes on your playlist. 

Whether the newlyweds are dancing to The Beatles’ “Got to Get You Into My Life” or the whole wedding party is boogying to Rick James’ “Mary Jane,” including some pot-themed crowdpleasers on your wedding playlist is a great way to bring your loved ones together on the dancefloor. 

9. Give Out Cannabis or Hemp Wedding Favors

At the end of your wedding, giving out small favors to your guests is a great way to thank them for coming and give them a souvenir to remember the event. If you are hosting a cannabis-centric wedding, why not include hemp or cannabis products in your wedding favors?

Whoopi & Maya has products that will be the perfect fit for any wedding favor, from chocolate to bath salts. Whoopi & Maya’s cannabis- and hemp-infused products are also great gifts for everyone in your wedding party to thank them for their hard work to make your day special. 

10. Relax After the Big Day with a Weed-Infused Bath or Massage

You don’t have to stop celebrating cannabis or the love you share with your new spouse when the wedding ends. 

Relax with your partner and do some much-needed self-care after socializing, dancing, and posing for pictures with a cannabis-infused bath or massage. Whoopi & Maya’s CBD bath salts will help you relax and recharge, and our topical CBD massage oil is moisturizing and luxurious, perfect to get your honeymoon off to a relaxing start. 


How to Have a Weed-Themed Wedding

When planning a cannabis wedding, consider your guests’ preferences, local laws, and venue rules. Other than that, the sky is the limit! 

Whether making infused food, offering cannabis products to your guests, or just enjoying cannabis yourself to take some of the stress out of your big day, Whoopi & Maya has products that will fit your needs. Best wishes on life’s next grand adventure!