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Whoopi & Maya
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 by Patty
The Rub

I started using this product 2 years ago and was lost when unavailable, and they were so kind to send me an explanation and update me on locations that restocked the product. I love this for more than menstrual... 2 knee surgeries that are painful and it works great for that right before bed Plus a few drops of Relax just the right Combo.

 by Jenna Holmes
Thank you!

From the time I was 12 years old I have had chronic pelvic pain and have endometriosis and PCOS. I have lived my life in fear of my menstrual cycle and last year my boyfriend surprised me with the rub. It has helped take the edge off of my pain unlike anything else has! I have shared this product with many people in my support groups and I am such a big advocate for this product. Tearing up as I write this because I am SO thankful for this product.

 by Angelica
Whoopi & Maya

I bought the bath soak while I was in California and all I have to say is THANK YOU. I suffer from ovarian cysts and Endometriosis at the age of 22. It's the worst pain and has become a daily battle for me. The soak has helped my pain so much allowing my muscles to relax enough so that I'm able to sleep even on my worst days. I'm so grateful for you guys and this product it's definitely made a difference in my life!

 by Christine
Pain for 3 year post Op 10 Vertabrae fusion surgery to correct Scoliosis

Three years ago my son had to have 10 vertebrae fused in his mid back to stop the progression curvature in his spin. Scoliosis runs in my family and his was so bad that when the poor kid got home from school he had to lay down to alleviate his pain and to breath easier. His curve was an “S” and also his spine is still not straight. With that being said, I want t clarify that I do know what the soak and rub were created for. However this is also the only RUB that has worked effectively.

This product had given not only my son (18) a new lease on life but me too! I have horrible neck cervical issues and refuse to have surgery unless vitally necessary as my son’s surgery was. But this rub helps my joints and my nerve pain, arthritis pain and my numbness in my hands has gone away from the arthritis.

He is going to try the soak on a real bad day.... but that rub really is doing the trick. I refuse to let them give my him Opioids for pain management. They exacerbate pain and are deadly. He has chosen to not medicate with any ingestible or flower. That is for further down the road in life. With his Mom a Substance Abuse Specialist, he is well educated on what happens to the underdeveloped human brain when psychoactive substances are introduced.

Anyway THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH FOR CREATING THESE WONDERFUL PRODUCTS. Wish I as able to get this locally. I have looked and the local dispensaries in my area don’t have it. I picked this up on a road trip we recently took. Help me find more please!

 by Torrie
So Grateful!

My daughter went to our local dispensary and brought home the Rub for me to try. I have a rare neurological muscular disorder and my muscles often cramp and its very painful. I tried the Rub and in under a minute, the cramping stopped! Thank you Whoopi, Thank you Maya. I am very grateful to you both. 😊

 by Shelli D
Simply the Best!!!

I work at The Herbal Alternative in Cortez, Colorado. We are a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. After my first packet of Savor, I was convinced I had been lied to by every other edible that came before. The Savor, whether THC or CBD, is the best 10mg edible in any market and I am completely cannabis saturated. My best description of this product is after one packet and 30 minutes, I no longer want to kill the people around me. hahaha. I ceremoniously wave my hand and offer my darling loved ones a three to four hour reprieve. I was surprised to find out how perfectly that describes what most women of a certain age are looking for in an edible.

The Amber Moon is my favorite of the rubs because of the scent. Whoopi and Maya's Rub, scented or not, far outshines the four previous salves I've tried. It has some staying power. Doesn't rub off on your clothing or wash off easily in the shower. Perfect.

I have never been one for tinctures due to their gawd awful taste. Of course Whoopi and Maya would provide drink recipes that blend perfectly with this tincture even though this is a great tasting, long lasting product on its own.

I have to be careful with the bath soak that I don't fall asleep in the tub. Just like the other products, amazing, long lasting relief and relaxation.

These products are marketed for women but I have just as many men repeat customers.

Thank you Whoopi and Maya for the most outstanding, quality products in the cannabis industry. And yes, I would love to work for you.

 by Becca T.

I suffer with PCOS, and these products have been amazing for me these first few days. I'm usually in so much  pain that I'm nauseous. I tried to go the more natural route as far as pain management goes this cycle, and decided to give the spread, the soak, and the relax a try. I'm in love. I'm happy, pain free, I can still go to work, clean, go to school... whatever. Where as before I was stuck home once a week every 4 months.
Will be getting more tomorrow♡

 by Dawna B
No More Hot Flashes

I suffer from hot flashes due to menopause. I also have increased anxiety due to prolactinoma. The CBD Savor significantly reduces my hot flashes and anxiety, almost completely. This product is a miracle lifesaver for me. I was anti-cannabis for years because I bought into the misinformation. To the women out there suffering from hot flashes, this is the real deal. Thank you Whoopi & Maya.

 by Michelle
Miracle Rub

Hello Whoopi & Maya,

First off I just want to thank you both for the collaboration & time that you two put into this Product!

I had Laparoscopic gall bladder & Exploratory Surgery earlier this month. Doctors ordered narcotics which I refused. As soon as I got home I began to use the Rub, within minutes I had the first relief of pain since the procedure.

I haven't stopped using it and NEVER will as long as I can obtain it!!

I have been occasionally using this Product for several months from Humble Heart Farms, Hopeland, Ca but never realized just how awesome it was! Shout out to Leslie!

I was in sooooo much pain, emotional, and anxious. This product definitely contributed to the miracle of healing and relief that I received with much prayer and meditation during this difficult time.

I have suffered with Pancreatitis also over the past year and lost 40 ibs. The pain is much better and I have an appetite faith healing from the inside out.

I am forever GRATEFUL to You both for this Product!!!

Keep up the GOOD Work....peace, love, light, & Prayers!


 by Ez
Best RUB out there & I've tried many over the years!

This RUB is not a "band-aid", it's a cure! I was in a car accident and took pain pills for years and they kept getting stronger over the years. My stomach got messed up because of all the pain pills. I started taking RSO 2 years ago and that helped with my pain but this RUB actually cured my issues. I used it for over a year and can't find it anywhere now. It helped me fix my issues. I no longer take pain pills unless I'm totally miserable.

God bless!

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