How Can You Use Cannabis Set and Setting for Painful Periods?

An expressive oil painting of a woman using cannabis to treat menstrual pain

“Set and setting” is a term usually used when talking about psychedelic experiences, but the idea can also apply to more general situations. Let’s discuss how mindset and surroundings can affect your experience consuming cannabis and how you can harness them to ease painful periods. 


What Is Set and Setting in Cannabis?

The term “set and setting” was coined by scientist and psychedelics advocate Timothy Leary in the 1960s. He used it to describe how much one’s mindset and physical location can impact a psychedelic trip. This idea emphasizes the importance of a positive set and setting in preparing for a positive experience, whether it’s an experience with psychedelics, cannabis, or while generally navigating life. 


Defining Set in Cannabis

“Set” is short for “mindset” and refers to your mood and frame of mind when consuming cannabis. Consuming cannabis to cope with stress at the end of a long day can feel very different than consuming cannabis to celebrate a special occasion, even if the product and your immediate surroundings are the same. 

Ensuring you are in a positive headspace and have clear goals can go a long way toward ensuring a positive, beneficial cannabis experience. 


Defining Setting in Cannabis

“Setting” refers to your physical location when consuming cannabis. For example, consuming cannabis with a small group of close friends in a familiar area will likely have a different effect than consuming cannabis in an unfamiliar public space. 

Before you begin, you can take steps to ensure your surroundings are conducive to the type of cannabis experience you are seeking. 

An expressive oil painting of a woman using cannabis to treat menstrual pain

How Does Set and Setting Affect Period Pain?

Your mindset and physical surroundings can have a considerable impact on your menstrual experience as well. 


Stress and Physical Surroundings Directly Impact Period and Mood

There is a significant link between menstruation and stress. Studies show that stressors can lead to painful periods and other menstrual side effects, especially if unaddressed. Higher stress levels correlate with more painful, heavy, and irregular periods. It’s important to help yourself relax and decompress to keep this stress from manifesting physically in your menstrual cycle. 

Your physical setting can contribute to period pain as well. A chaotic, high-energy environment can feed into painful periods. Conversely, a calm environment, spending time outdoors, or even just relaxing on the couch with pillows and blankets can make a huge difference in easing difficult periods. 


Create a Healing Set and Setting for Period Pain with Cannabis

Cannabis can help ease many symptoms of uncomfortable periods by alleviating pain, lifting your mood, and encouraging restful sleep. Many women swear by cannabis as part of their cycle management plan. You can amplify these effects by creating a positive set and setting when consuming cannabis to help with period pain or premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. 


Weed for Period Pain

Here are some ideas to create a healing set and setting to help you cope with and begin to heal painful periods. 

 – Your period can be a great time to clarify your mindset. Take some time to look inward and set intentions for the month ahead by journaling, meditating or any type of intention-setting process you most enjoy. Adding cannabis can help you tap into your intuition and spirituality, deepening your intention-setting practice even more. 

 – When cramps and achy muscles hit at that time of the month, there’s nothing better than a hot bath. Create a relaxing, refreshing setting with soothing scents, calming lighting, and your favorite cannabis products. You can even try a cannabis-infused bath for even deeper relaxation. 

 – This time of the month can also be an excellent opportunity to connect your femininity. You can incorporate these ideas into your meditation or creative practice or invite your best girlfriends over for a relaxing night in. Create a healing set and setting with cannabis-infused snacks that will help you simultaneously embrace sisterhood and ease period discomfort. 


Cannabis, Set and Setting for a Better Period

Whether you have painful periods or not, it’s essential to give your body what it needs during menstruation. Taking time to establish a healing set and setting with cannabis can go a long way towards easing discomfort associated with periods. 

Many cannabis companies carry products created by women, for women, so you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis in whatever form you prefer. Whoopi & Maya was founded to help women have more comfortable, peaceful periods, and we’re honored to help you on your journey toward healing.